Foodoo - Bridge Zurich: Treffpunkt für Food-Lovers
Market Foodoo



The fight against food waste can really be so delicious: FOODOO makes natural, innovative products from rescued vegetables. These are vegetables that never make it onto wholesalers’ shelves because they look unsightly – even though they taste superb.

According to a WWF study conducted in 2014, some 28,000 tonnes of fresh vegetables are thrown away in Switzerland each year during somewhere along the production process. Thanks to FOODOO, crooked carrots, undersized sweet potatoes and very ripe tomatoes don’t end up in the rubbish, but in tasty dipping sauces, tomato sauces, vegetable bouillons and mayonnaise.

By purchasing these vegetables at a fair price, we are helping to support to Swiss vegetable producers. Each product sold thus helps change our society’s attitudes towards food.