About - Bridge Zurich - Treffpunkt für Food-Lovers beim HB

BRIDGE – Meet food, meet the market, meet people.

BRIDGE is your new meeting point for food culture in the heart of Zurich.

Food connects people. We believe in building culinary bridges – and that in doing so we can create a unique experience for you. We offer you shopping, food and a world of discovery – all under one roof. With us, you can find a varied fresh food market, creative gastronomy, exciting events, changing mottoes, trendy pop-ups and much more.

About us

When we do something, we do it right. We have a burning interest in culinary stories and have created an uncomplicated setting in which they can be told. We explore the world of food in a passionate, bold and unbiased way.


Collaborative. Whatever we do, it is the most fun when we do it together. We believe in togetherness and diversity. And we believe this is the only way to create an exciting setting in which you can experience the culinary world like you can with us.

Friendly. Our passion for food is infectious – and we love sharing it. In as relaxed a setting as possible.

Committed. We explore the culinary world. And if we find something exciting or fall in love with something new, we make it part of BRIDGE.

Versatile. Immobility isn’t our thing. So just as food is constantly developing, we remain at the pulse of the latest developments. We provide you with a setting to discover both tried-and-tested concepts and novelties.

Responsible. Sustainability is a given for us. We act as fairly towards our environment as we do towards people. Not because it sounds good, but because it is the right thing to do.


Food is more than just eating. Food is an experience that people like sharing. We put producers, restaurateurs and manufacturers around the table with lovers of good food, creating an urban hotspot that unites people and food.

We are passionate about our ideas. We bravely try out new ideas and implement them flexibly. In so doing, pleasure and quality are always our top priority.


BRIDGE is a Migros initiative. Gottlieb Duttweiler, the founder of Migros, saw himself as a builder of bridges between producers and consumers. We believe it is time to reinterpret this fundamental idea. With BRIDGE, we are building bridges out of conviction; through a relaxed meeting place for food culture.

Project partners

We would like to thank our talented and skilled project partners for accompanying, supporting and advancing BRIDGE with their know-how and input.


Opening hours
Mon. - Sat. 10 am – 10 pm

Blended Bar (EG)

Opening hours
Mon. - Fri. 4 pm – 11 pm


Opening hours
Mon. - Fri. 7 am – 6 pm
Sat. 8 am – 6 pm


Opening hours
Mon. - Thu. 11 am – 10 pm
Fri. - Sat. 10 am – 10 pm



Europaallee 22
8004 Zürich


Take the train to Zurich main station (Hauptbahnhof) and head towards the Sihlquai passage. After crossing Europaplatz, you’ll already be at BRIDGE. If you’re arriving by tram number 13 or 14 or the number 31 bus, the closest stop to Europaallee is Sihlpost/HB.


You’ll find several marked areas where you can park your bike next to Lagerstrasse. There is also a large covered bike parking area by Zurich main station.


A few visitor parking spaces are available in the multi-storey car park in the Sihlpost building (entrance on Lagerstrasse). Alternatively, City Parking Zurich on Gessnerallee is just a few minutes’ walk from BRIDGE.