El Maìz - Bridge Zurich: Treffpunkt für Food-Lovers
Market El Maìz

El Maìz


For the love of the taco, Mexican food and Mexico!….

Our goal is to bring to the home of every person in Switzerland and now also all over Europe, the authentic Mexican products with which every person could feel closer to our beloved country and the authentic Mexican gastronomy. And thus be able to prepare and enjoy a delicious taco, a quesadilla, some chilaquiles, a mole, drink a tequila, a mezcal, a Mexican beer and why not, even have a piñata for every party.

With this objective in mind, El Maíz was born, and over the years it conquered the hearts not only of Mexicans in Switzerland, but also of people in Zürich and other countries who have found in Mexican food an escape from routine.

An unmissable place in the heart of Zurich. Throughout these more than 38 years El Maíz has managed to become an icon of the city of Zürich in Switzerland, thanks to the work and passion of our team and our love for Mexico, tacos, traditional Mexican food and our active participation and contribution in events, exhibitions, festivals and fairs organized in the country.