Events Meet Madame Sum – Dumpling Workshop

Meet Madame Sum – Dumpling Workshop

13. September 2023
18 - 21 160.-

Madame Sum is a fearless collective of food enthusiasts who see the world as our XXXXL kitchen. In their atelier they craft delicate dumplings with the freshest ingredients prioritising flavour above all. Embark on a culinary journey with us and savor the ultimate food experience!

The workshop includes:

  • Welcoming glass – every good thing starts with a drink
  • Word of the founder: origins of Madame Sum and the challenges of frozen food delivery
  • Rolling dumplings like a pro – try and fold your own dumplings with Arnaud, Madame Sum’s founder
  • Madame Sum dumplings tasting – trial of Madame Sum dumplings

We are looking forward to meeting you soon, Food-Lover!

(The course takes place with min. 8 participants till max. 16 articipants)

18 - 21