Lima Garden visiting BRIDGE - Bridge Zurich: Treffpunkt für Food-Lovers

Lima Garden visiting BRIDGE

At the beginning of summer, BRIDGE is hosting Mediterranean Nights.

Our guest chef Laz will guide you through the food culture of the Mediterranean region and the Balkans at the bistro on the upper floor and 4 Leoni Firenze at the pop-up on the ground floor. Both are professionals in their fields who are committed to Mediterranean food with passion and authenticity.

In the Market, you can expect some authentic Mediterranean products that will encourage you to dare to try the variety of Mediterranean cuisine at home. From olives and oil from Oliven&Öl to Ajvar directly from the Balkans, there are many treasures to discover.

You will also get to know the Mediterranean cooking and eating culture better at various events: be it at a cooking session together with Laz or at a family cooking, eating and also drinking event “Mezzeria” by Balkaneros. Mediterranean vibes are guaranteed.

Last but not least, our partner OFFCUT has also created a maritime backdrop for this theme, using recycled materials. From the beginning of June to the end of August, you can marvel at an underwater world consisting of jellyfish, corals and a giant octopus at BRIDGE.

We promise: The nights will be long and the food hot.
Mediterranean Nights: From 3 June to 31 August 2021 at BRIDGE.

We look forward to seeing you, food lover.

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