Choba Choba - Bridge Zurich: Treffpunkt für Food-Lovers
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Choba Choba


Our company from Bern is the first Swiss chocolate brand owned by a community of cocoa farmers and consumers. We produce the cocoa for our chocolate in around 40 small farms in the Alto Huayabamba in the Peruvian Amazon region.

This unique system allows us to set the price for our cocoa ourselves, which is times higher than the world market price. We are actively shaping our future as founders, cocoa experts and chocolate entrepreneurs.

We love cocoa and chocolate, we only use a few ingredients to bring out the pure, natural taste. And we entrust our beans to the best Swiss chocolatiers, whom we help to transform the cocoa into the best chocolate. We contribute to a positive impact on our environment, society and our planet, in the spirit of Choba Choba, which means “I help you, you help me”.