Chipeño - Bridge Zurich: Treffpunkt für Food-Lovers
Market Chipeño



We grew up together in Ebikon and are close friends to this day. In addition to friendship, we are also united by our love for Latin America. We are particularly impressed by Mexico. Thamon and Samuel completed their semester abroad in Mexico and did an internship. They experienced Mexican culture and cuisine up close. Kevin made his first acquaintance with Latin America in South America. He traveled to Colombia and Ecuador with Samuel and Thamon for around two months. In a bar high above Medellín, Colombia, after an eventful day, we forged the plan for Chipeño over a cold beer.

Chipeño is the smoky, classy salsa with its own character. The combination of smoky taste and the salty, mild spiciness makes this sauce unique. It is not a modification of existing sauces, but a new taste experience that has not yet been experienced in this way. In addition, the sauce comes without any artificial flavor enhancers or colorings. It is gluten and lactose free.