Banchips - Bridge Zurich: Treffpunkt für Food-Lovers
Market Banchips



Exotic taste, swiss made. 

BanChips are salty banana chips that we produce from green plantains. BanChips are now available in 6 different varieties: Nature, Paprika, Curry, Salt&Vinegar, Tomato Pizza and Oriental. With 20% less fat and 50% more dietary fibre, the crisps have quite a bit more bite. BanChips are made in a similar way to crisps. With many years of experience in the food sector, the chips are produced in Swiss quality.  BanChips supports the Vivendra Foundation, which peels the bananas for us. Then they are fried, seasoned, sorted and finally packed. This means the effort is very big, but it is very much appreciated. We put a lot of emphasis on the handicraft, because that is where the quality lies. Banchips stay crunchy for days, even when open.