Eat and Drink Pop-up: Bánh Mì 136

Pop-up and street food – quick and tasty


In winter, we are pleased to welcome Bánh Mì 136 in the pop-up at BRIDGE.

In Vietnam, bánh mì is the generic term for bread. During the colonial period, the French brought the baguette to Vietnam for the first time. The Vietnamese experimented and topped the foreign baguette with local ingredients. Over the years, the bánh mì developed into an integral part of Vietnamese cuisine. Like the Bánh Mì 136 team, the idea for a Vietnamese food truck was born in Zurich. Thanh Danh Doan and Cao Ky Steven Nguyen, on the other hand, have their roots in Vietnam in the Far East – there the greeting is “Have you eaten yet?” and so the two boys bring the customs, tastes and food culture of Vietnam to Switzerland. Since they were brought up in Vietnamese households and gastronomy was part of the family from an early age, they are very familiar with Vietnamese cuisine. Using high-quality products, they create a feast for the palate in the form of a Bánh Mì.

Bánh Mì 136 in the pop-up on the ground floor, until 18 June 2022.